KORU® Apples arriving in USA Soon!

APRIL 30, 2018

With New Zealand KORU® Apple harvest in full swing, KORU® Apple shipments will be arriving at USA ports beginning April 13 and reaching markets across the USA beginning in May.

The first commercial exports were shipped to the USA in 2013, making this the sixth year for KORU® Apples in the USA market. And with consumer feedback like, “This is my new favorite apple!” and “Awesome apples…the best!” it’s obvious consumers are loving it.

Export volumes have been increasing annually, along with production, with this year’s New Zealand crop estimated to reach 180,000 Z-pack equivalents, or about 7.2 million pounds of KORU® Apples. 

Andy McGrath, Variety Manager, says, “Being a new apple variety, many of the orchards have not yet reached maturity, so you can expect the volume of KORU® Apples to increase significantly over the next several years as these orchards come into full production. Also, USA plantings will produce good volumes from 2020, making KORU® an all-year-round apple.”

This popular new apple variety was discovered as a chance seedling in a rose garden in Nelson on the South Island of New Zealand. It’s a natural cross between Braeburn and Fuji, and is incredibly crisp, sweet and naturally delicious.

What can you expect out of this year’s KORU® Apple crop?

Amazing Taste:  Fruit-sugar levels of 13-15 on the Brix scale makes for a naturally sweet KORU® Apple.

Bigger Size:  90% of this year’s fruit size is in the 60 – 80 range, with under 10% in the 100 – 150 sizes.  This means there will be less bagged snack size apples this year and more large apples to cut and share.

Beautiful Colour:  KORU® Apples have a unique orange/red coloring over a yellow background, and according to Mike van Workum of Fern Ridge Fresh (New Zealand’s export logistic provider), “With good cool nights in Hawkes Bay & Nelson (growing regions), the fruit color is exceptional.”

Exceptional Quality:  KORU® Apples are grown and picked to specific grade standards, and some growers have gone that ‘little bit extra’ to clip the stems which means less markings and bruising on the apples as they’re packed and shipped. It’s all done to give consumers the best eating experience, every time.

Freshness:  With a two-hemisphere production, KORU® growers provide you with the freshest apple possible. Coast to Coast Growers Coop in the USA joined the KORU® team in 2013 with growing regions in Washington State and New York State. New Zealand grown KORU® Apples are picked in March and sold in USA markets from May to September, followed by USA grown KORU® Apples picked in October and sold in USA markets from October to April. Andy McGrath assures consumers that, “Although KORU® Apples store extremely well, the two-hemisphere production means you won’t find a KORU® Apple in the markets over six months from its picking date.”

Want to find out more about KORU® Apples? 

Visit koruapple.com for consumer information, grower stories, recipes, retail locations, marketers and more. Or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

KORU® apples from New Zealand are sold exclusively in the US by three premier sales organizations. Chelan Fresh-Chelan, WA, Oneonta Star Ranch-Wenatchee, WA, and New York Apple Sales-Glenmont, NY.

Source: New York Apple Sales