She'll be apples

Andy McGrath with Koru applesPublication: 
Date: January 2016
Author: Col Jackson

Enterprising Kiwi farmer Andy McGrath has developed the best new apple variety in 50 years.

Flavours come and go over a lifetime, and there are some we never forget. In New Zealand recently Col Jackson experienced a new variety of apple that is a fluke of nature with outstanding credentials.
“Oh yeah, just another modiϐied apple,” was my initial reaction when a group of journalists visiting New Zealand for the annual congress of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists descended upon an apple and cherry nursery outside Hamilton on the North Island.
There was a time when I loved apples, and my icon was the Stanthorpe Delicious. Growers’ names remain embedded in my mind, one being Dempsters of Thulimbah. Over the following half-century, newer varieties have been introduced to meet higher productivity goals and longevity. High land values and increases in overall farming costs also make it imperative apples be produced economically and deliver an early return on investment. With this transition to newer varieties has come tastes that perhaps appeal to less experienced palates. Across the bright green rolling ϐields between Hamilton and Cambridge is McGrath Nurseries, specialist fruit tree propagators and intellectual property managers.
As he (Andy) speaks, I sample some sliced apple of a new variety named ‘Koru’ of the Plumac variety, and the similarities with an apple I know and love — the Stanthorpe Delicious are immediately apparent. It is tasty, juicy and crunchy, with the colouring of a Bowen Special mango (also known as a Kensington Pride).... Read More