Growing regions

Koru Apple GlobeTest results have shown that Plumac c.v. can be grown world wide. 

Plumac c.v. has a wide geographic adaptability for growing high quality KORU® Apples. See where KORU® Apples are grown!
The consumer preference for high colour suggests that plantings be concentrated in geographic areas known for strong colouring. 
Commercial plantings are established throughout New Zealand and in Northeastern and Northwestern USA. 
Extensive testing is underway in countries including Canada, Europe, UK and some Asian countries.
Plant material transfer and early stage testing is underway in Australia, South Africa and South America.

Review details of our Test Sites below:

New Zealand:

The largest amount of data on KORU® Plumac c.v. is available in New Zealand where the variety originated. KORU® Plumac c.v. was tested on 17 test sites in a wide geographic distribution throughout New Zealand. Initially there were three test sites planted in the Waikato at a Latitude of 37° South, Hawkes Bay at a Latitude of 39° South and Nelson at a Latitude of 41 ° South. These plantings were extended each year either geographically or numerically and test sites were extended to Central Otago at Latitude 45° South, Timaru at  Latitude 43° South, and Gisborne at a Latitude of 38° South.
As promising results began to come through from the original trees, plantings were extended to small commercial test plots on several sites. 
The results from these sites have been independently assessed over a number of years giving us a wide range of research and scientific data on this variety.

Growing Regions in New Zealand as of 2016:

KORU Growing Regions in NZ 2016


Plumac c.v. was introduced into the USA in association with Cameron Nurseries who have the sole propagation rights for the USA, and testing was conducted on a number of test sites spanning across the US in prominent apple growing regions.
Testing has concluded and Coast to Coast Growers Cooperative is licensed as the exclusive marketer and grower of KORU® Plumac c.v. apples in the USA.  
Commercial plantings have been undertaken in the States of New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.


KORU® Plumac c.v. has been introduced into Europe where there are three test sites in the UK and a further 23 throughout Europe with several more planned. Observations are that KORU® Plumac c.v. is showing a wide geographic adaptability and that fruit quality has been excellent wherever it has been tested. Some sites are exhibiting trouble with fruit colour, but these are sites that have exhibited trouble with fruit colour with a number of other varieties in the past.

Additional Countries:

Plant material is being distributed for testing in a number of other apple growing regions in countries throughout the world.
Commercial testing is underway in a number of countries.