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"KORU® apples have a story that remains untold in many countries due only to lack of availability at this point. The taste appeal just wins everyone over."

- Rob Sykes, Hastings, New Zealand

Our story:

The Sykes name and apples in Hawkes Bay rolls back nearly 100 years now.
Orchard Investments Limited (OIL) was formed in 1998. David & I are very proud of our business and the part we are playing in the NZ apple industry and the HB community.
In recent years, in addition to redeveloping existing orchards, we have taken on new land to plant apples, focusing in the latest planting styles and varieties, including Plumac. New apples take time to learn how to grow and how to deliver the best experience to our customers. OIL have been growing Plumac for a few years now and, we just love growing them.
The KORU® story reaches out to our customers and it is great to hear feedback on how much they enjoy eating our apples. I have no doubt this will continue as the KORU® apple spreads globally.

Our involvement in KORU® Plumac c.v:

OIL has approx. 37K Plumac trees planted, planting our first trees in 2014
OIL would like to continue supporting the brand and become a cornerstone supplier assisting where we are able with the growth of KORU® apple.

What we think is special about us:

Hawkes Bay NZ is a great place to grow apples. OIL has planted new orchards, focusing on the latest planting styles and varieties. We just love growing Plumac trees and love the story behind the KORU® brand. This is a fantastic piece of fruit. It's that good.

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 We established in 1998 and proundly grow:

Smitten, NZ Beauty, Gala ( &strains)
PLUMAC, KORU® (lots and lots of Plumac coming on)
Fuji, Aztec, Fuji Supreme, Mawfu
Granny Smith, Envy, Jazz, (Braeburn only a few)
Pink Lady, Lady in Red
TCL3 (name pending)
NZ Queen, NZ Rose

Location in Hawke's Bay:

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