KORU® grower stories

Moana Orchards Ltd

"Moana Orchard, Growing stunning fruit in a stunning location."

- Oliver Rowling and Alan Rowling, Upper Moutere, New Zealand

Our story:

My name is Oliver Rowling, and I am managing director of Moana Orchards, alongside my father Alan Rowling.
Moana Orchard is situated in the stunning location of Mariri overlooking Tasman Bay at the top of New Zealand’s South Island.
Moana Orchard is a family owned and operated business set up in 1911 and I am fortunate to be the fourth generation of Rowling’s to grow apples on this land.
At Moana Orchard we understand that we are extremely lucky to be able to call Mariri home, to grow a product we are proud of and to be able to share that product with others.

Our involvement in KORU® Plumac c.v:

We grow a range of varieties of apples and pears and are excited to grow new varieties, such as KORU(R) Brand Apples, which show promise.
It is a welcome challenge to keep up with industry developments and customer requirements.
Moana Orchard is committed to continuing to grow excellent quality pip fruit.

What we think is special about us:

Moana Orchard, Growing stunning fruit in a stunning location.

koru block

 We established in 1911 and proundly grow:

Cox, Royal gala, Taylors gold, Jazz, Fuji, KORU® , Braeburn, Granny Smith, Pacific Queen, Envy, Pink Lady

Location in Tasman:

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