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"KORU® Apple is something different, a good sized apple with good colour."

- Dennis & Denise Paulin, Clyde, New Zealand

Our story:

Dennis Paulin is a third generation orchardist. He says he follows the genetics of his grandpa and his father.
Dennis bought his first block of land at the age of 20 and has started all of his orchards from bare land.
Most of their crops are organic, and they are the only organic nectarine orchard in New Zealand.
Growing the crop is a working partnership for Dennis and his wife, Denise, who does all of the weed matting and the tree training.
Dennis and Denise's children aren't following the family genetic pathway of orcharding, but he hopes that one day a future generation will show an interest to keep orcharding in the Paulin family.

Our involvement in KORU® Plumac c.v:

Dennis was encouraged to plant KORU® Plumac as it is something different, a good sized apple, and the trees were available! Being a fairly new variety, and growing organically, he is still finding out about the growing of the apple, but is expecting good colour for his first crop in April 2017.

What we think is special about us:

Quoting the award winning head scientist and researcher, Dr. Howard Wearing, Dennis says, 'This area is the best place in the world to grow organic fruit.'

koru block

 We established in  and proundly grow:

Mostly organic crops including apples, cherries, peach, nectarines, plums

Dennis' favourite made by his grandma is Baked Apples with Dates

Location in Otago:

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