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Jackson Orchards

"I am pleased to report I have found KORU® Apple is a good seller. It’s sweet, crunchy and juicy, and a good cropper that keeps well."

- Mark Jackson, Cromwell, New Zealand

Our story:

Jackson Orchards is a family run business on the Luggate-Cromwell Highway about 2 minutes' drive from Cromwell.

The family Orchard business was started in the Cromwell Gorge in 1969, but unfortunately with the building of the Clyde Dam the Jackson Family were forced to look for a new site. In 1988 planting began on the present 23 hectare site, which is now a diverse, beautifully maintained and developed orchard.

Jackson Orchards grow stonefruit, apples and pears. We locally market the fruit in New Zealand, and export to Australia, USA and UK/Europe, and also sell through our fruit stall & mail order business www.jacksonorchard.co.nz.
The packhouse & orchard is New Zealand & GLOBAL GAP Certified.

Our purchase in 2016 of a MAF Pomone Sizer and Globalscan IV has been a huge success for stone & pipfruit packing. It allows for sizing, colour & blemishes to be graded without human input. Packing is quicker, efficient and accurate and brings the packhouse up to the latest technology available.
The Orchard is always evolving with new plantings.

We have the added interest of a well-stocked fruit stall, real fruit ice creams, orchard tours, clean toilets and picnic areas for the passing public.

Our involvement in KORU® Plumac c.v:

I decided to grow KORU® Plumac c.v. because I was told by Andy McGrath it was going to be the next up and coming apple in the future, so I followed his advice and planted 150 trees in 2013.

What we think is special about us:

Jackson Orchards is a family run business set on 23 hectares of prime Central Otago land, 2 mininutes' drive from Cromwell.

We are mostly stonefruit growers but do have 1.5 hectares of pipfruit, complimented by a well stocked fruit stall, real fruit ice cream, orchard tours, picnic area and clean toilets.

koru block

 We established in 1982 and proundly grow:

Apricots, Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, Greengages, Apples, Pears

Location in Otago:

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