KORU® grower stories

Fish Creek Orchards

"Escape Ordinary!® says it all"

- Rod Farrow, Jose Iniguez, Jason Woodworth, Kaari Stannard, Waterport, New York, United States

Our story:

Fish Creek Orchards was established as a partnership between Rod Farrow and Kaari Stannard in 2011
to develop 65 acres of premium varieties mainly focused around the KORU ® Plumac c.v. variety.
In 2016, we added Jose Iniguez and Jason Woodworth to the company as equal partners with a company
plan to develop all our new orchards in New York. Fish Creek Orchards is now growing in size every year with
planned orchards of 230 acres by 2019. All our orchards are planted at spacings of 11’x2’ with 2,000 trees per
acre. This system is capable of producing a very uniform crop of the very highest quality apples, delivering a
consistently great apple to the consumer.

Our involvement in KORU® Plumac c.v:

We decided to grow KORU ® apples because of their unique texture, flavour and incredible juiciness. Our first
orchards where planted in 2013 (the first in the USA) and we have planted every year since. We have plans to
plant 50 acre at the moment and hope it will grow from there.

What we think is special about us:

Our apple growing region on the south shore of Lake Ontario provides the ideal blend of winter cold, spring
rain, summer sunshine and cool fall nights to grow some of the best tasting and looking apples grown
anywhere in the world.

koru block

 We established in 2011 and proundly grow:

KORU®, Gala, Honeycrisp, SweeTango®, Snap Dragon®, Fuji, Pazazz®

Location in New York State:

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