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Crist Brothers

"New York State grown KORU® taste great and compliment the season of the New Zealand KORU®!"

- Joy Crist, Walden, United States

Our story:

The Crist Family owns and operates Crist Bros. Orchards in the beautiful Hudson River Valley of New York State, USA.
At just 70 miles north of New York City they are the closest wholesale grower to this major metropolitan area and are proud stewards of this land. Crist Bros. is now being farmed by the 4th and 5th generations!
Crist Bros. is an enthusiastic supplier of New York Apple Sales, a premier marketer of apples from the Eastern US. Through this organization we are part of a large team of family farms and are able to supply major food retailers in an organized way.

Our involvement in KORU® Plumac c.v:

Jeff, Joy, Jenny and Joel Crist together with their committed staff are so excited to be growing the KORU®! It was first planted on their farm in 2016 with more planted in 2017 and additional scheduled for 2018. The KORU® apple grows well in this climate, blooming in late April or early May and maturing in mid-October. The first crop was picked at Crist Bros. in October 2017. The exceptionally crunchy apple develops great natural sweetness and a bright hue with a glowing yellow background.
All members of the Crist family have been fortunate to travel to New Zealand to meet some of our worldwide partners in this venture. Working together we can supply super fresh KORU® apples year round!

What we think is special about us:

Crist Bros. utilizes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and a rigorous scouting program to grow high quality apples in an environmentally conscious manner. The company is Global GAP certified and vertically integrated as a packing house which is Primus certified. Keen attention to food safety and exceptional quality are mainstays of our company.

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 We established in  and proundly grow:

Location in New York State:

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