Rachel's KORU® Apple Snack


Recipe supplied by: Rachel @ Spring Valley Orchard

"We enjoy having random snacks. This particular one is popular in our household. Crispy Organic KORU® Apples with my homemade Organic Quince Paste accompanied with local Organic Fenugreek Goats Cheese on a Plain Cracker topped with some fresh Organic Mint. Very refreshing. Of course one isn't enough!"

Escape Ordinary!® 


Crispy Organic KORU® Apples, sliced in rounds and cored

Organic quince paste

Organic Fenugreek goats cheese

Fresh organic mint

Plain crackers


  1. Slice the KORU® apple in rounds...remove the core from the centre.
  2. Place the quince paste into the space where the core was, then layer with the goats cheese and top with a sprig of mint.
  3. Quick and simple to prepare, which is handy in everyone's busy lifestyles of today!
  4. Enjoy.