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Publix Tasting

KORU® Apples now in stores! 

Find USA Grown KORU® Apples exclusively at Publix Markets Now!! 
Stores are located in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee, USA.

Find a retailer near you!!

A gift from nature

Koru Apple FernFrom an apple discarded in a rose garden, grew an apple seedling... from that seedling grew an extraordinary new apple variety... KORU® Apple is a Gift from Nature. Learn more

Naturally delicious

Koru Apple LeafApples are multi-picked at their peak perfection following specific grade standards for its unique orange tinge and perfect pressures, so every bite is Crisp. Sweet. Naturally Delicious. Learn more

Amazing taste

Koru Apple AppleAndSliceA crisp, sweet and juicy apple with complex aromatic honey flavours, slight acidity and slow to brown. If you like your apples raw, baked or cooked try KORU® Apple in your favorite recipes. Learn more

International appeal

Koru Apple GlobeDue to the KORU® Apple's soaring popularity, orchards expanded from New Zealand to the Northern Hemisphere, so we can now supply fresh fruit all year round. Learn more

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